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Foxy Falafel can cater to all tastes and offers a variety of menus custom made for your events. We are available for weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, office parties and more. For small parties, feel free to order off our regular menu or the catering menu.

Email us to discuss your event and catering options:

0r call (651) 888-2255

gluten free and vegan options

Build Your Own Sandwich
All packages come with pre-wrapped sandwiches stuffed with hummus and seasoned cabbage.
8 oz of green tahini and cucumber mint yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes.
Spicy harissa extra $7 

*Extra Sauce available for an additional fee.

*Corn Chips available for Gluten Free Packages upon request.

Packages feed 20 people.

The Foxy: your choice of 2 falafel flavors (20 sandwiches) $160
The Zorro: your choice 1 falafel (10 sandwiches), 1 meat (10 sandwiches)$170
The Kitsune: your choice of chicken gyro, turkey shawarma, or both meats (20 sandwiches)$180

Half Packages (10 sandwiches)

Half Foxy: $80
Half Zorro: $85
Half Kitsune: $90

Mini Skewers Gluten Free
Order by the dozen. Meat $30 / Veg $25
Spicy Beef w/ Cucumber Mint Yogurt
Rosemary Lamb w/ Cucumber Mint Yogurt
Herby Chicken w/ Cucumber Mint Yogurt
Veggie w/ Green Tahini (vegan)
Greek Salad w/ Red Wine Vinaigrette (veg)

Trio of Dips $30
Serves 10-15 people. Vegetarian and Gluten Free.
Hummus, Baba Ganoush and Spicy Red Pepper Feta with Pita Chips OR Corn Chips

Hot Appetizer Sampler $45
Serves 10-15 people. Vegetarian and Gluten Free.
Cauliflower Steaks,  Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, and Cheese Curds, served with honey, ketchup, and saffron aioli for dipping.


Serves 10

Foxy Falafel $50

60 traditional falafel balls (GF, V, VG)

Half Platter $27 (30 balls)

Curry Falafel $50

60 curry flavored  falafel balls (GF, V, VG)

Half Platter $27 (30 balls)

Beet Falafel $50

60 beet flavored falafel balls (GV, V, VG)

Half Platter $27 (30 balls)

Stoplight Falafel $50

20 of each of our 3 falafel flavors (GF, V, VG)

Half Platter $27 (10 of each)

Chicken Gyro $65

Special spices and herbs mixed with local Kadejan chicken (GF)

Half Platter $35

Turkey Shawarma $65

Thinly sliced local Wild Acres turkey marinated & pan seared. Served with grilled onions and peppers. (GF)

Half Platter $35

Half and Half $65

Half Chicken Gyro and Half Turkey

Shawarama. (GF)

8 oz. $4/ 16 oz. $8 / 32 oz $16

Marinated Beets
Baba Ganoush

Small 10-12 people: $20
Large 20-24 people: $40
Greek Salad
Beet, Goat Cheese, and Walnut Salad

Pickle Platter
Small 10-12 people: $10

8 oz $4/ 16oz $8
Cucumber mint yogurt,green tahini, and spicy harissa ($8/$16).

16 oz $4/ 32oz $8

Seasoned Cabbage

Pita Chips, Pita Bread, or Corn Chips $4
Serves 10

Soup – Cup $3.50
Tomato Coconut Bisque (GF, VG)

Gluten Free Cookies $30
Baker’s Dozen Assorted


Please Note

48 Hours notice required for large catering orders.

Credit card payment due at time of order

Visa, Mastercard or Discover

Free catering delivery available within a mile radius of Foxy Falafel

($100 minimum)

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