Food Truck Menu

Foxy Roxy: Food Truck

Foxy Roxy: Food Truck

Food Truck Schedule: Weather Permitted and Subject to change.  Check Facebook, Twitter, and Website for updates.

Saturday: Events (check facebook and twitter for details)

Sunday: Kingfield Farmers Market 8:30a-1p

Food Truck Menu: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Accepted

Available in Sandwich or Gluten Free Platter: seasoned cabbage, hummus, topped with cucumbers and tomatoes

All our falafels are gluten free and vegan friendly!


Foxy Falafel: Traditional chickpea falafel; it’s crisp and crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. (GF,V, VG) $8

Curry Falafel: Indian curry spices combined with the falafel mix. (GF,V, VG) $8

Beet Falafel: Ground beets combined with the falafel mix. (GF,V, VG) $8

The Stoplight: A combination of all 3 falafel flavors. $8 (GF,V, VG)

Turkey Gyro: Special spices and herbs mixed with local Kadejan ground turkey roasted and
thinly sliced. $9 (GF)

Cheese Curds: Local cheese curds tossed with dill and served with local honey dipping sauce. $5 (VG, GF)

Cauliflower Steaks: Cross-sectioned head of cauliflower lightly fried and served with saffron aioli. $5 (VG, GF)

Sauce and Pickle Bar:

Assorted Pickles made in house with seasonal vegetables as many local as possible.

Cucumber Mint Yogurt: Traditional tzatziki. (GF,V)

Green Tahini: Lemony and herby sesame paste. (GF,V, VG)

Spicy Harissa: Smoky, garlicky, medium spice. (GF,V, VG)

Beverages:San Pelligrino Blood Orange or Grapefruit Sodas, Water

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