Restaurant Hours:

Monday: 11am-3pm
Tuesday:  11am-8pm
Wednesday:  11am-8pm
Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 11am-8pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Happy Hour:
Tuesday-Friday 3pm-5pm

Wednesday Night Date Night 6pm-8pm
Buy 2 entrees and get a FREE side
$5 carafes of wine.


Reservations available
for parties of 5 or more.


Main Menu

Step 1: Choose entrée style.

Step 2: Choose a Falafel flavor or Meat.

Step 3: Choose a sauce.



How would you like your entrée prepared?

Sandwich, Platter,or Salad




Sandwich: Pita filled with hummus, seasoned cabbage;

topped with cucumbers, tomatoes,  and served with spicy  fries. (V, VG)



Platter: Hummus, seasoned cabbage, cucumbers

and tomatoes, served with your choice of soft pita, or corn chips.

( V, VG, GF)



Salad: Organic mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers,

feta, kalamata olives, and red wine vinaigrette..

(GF, V, VG without cheese)



Choose Falafel OR Meat


Foxy, Beet, & Curry Falafels

Foxy Falafel: Traditional chickpea falafel; it’s crisp
and crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. (GF,V, VG) $8.50

Beet Falafel: Ground beets combined with the falafel mix.
Served with a special preserved lemon and goat cheese sauce. (GF,V, VG without sauce) $8.50

Curry Falafel: Indian curry spices combined with the falafel mix. (GF,V, VG) $8.50

Stoplight Falafel: A combination of all 3 falafel flavors. (GF,V, VG) $8.50 

All our falafels are gluten-free and vegan friendly!


Chicken Shawarma:  Slow roasted & pulled local and organic Larry Schultz chicken.
Served with grilled onions and peppers. (GF)  $9.50

Turkey Gyro: Special spices and herbs mixed with local and organic
Larry Schultz ground turkey,
roasted and thinly sliced. (GF)  $9.50

Lamb Kofta: Local Sunshine Harvest
ground lamb mixed with special spices and herbs. (GF) $11



Choose a Sauce

Choose one complimentary sauce, served on the side. Additional sauces are $.50

Cucumber Mint Yogurt: Traditional tzatziki.


Green Tahini: Lemony and herby sesame paste.

(GF,V, VG)

Spicy Harissa: Smoky, garlicky, medium spice.

(GF,V, VG)



Marinated Beets: Coriander, lemon zest, lemon and olive oil. GF,V,VG  $4

Side Salad : Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, feta, kalamata olives, and red wine vinaigrette. GF,V, (VG without cheese) $5

Hummus: Organic & non-GMO house made hummus, served with soft pita or corn chips.V, VG (GF with corn chips) $4

Baba Ganoush: Smoked eggplant with tahini, lemon juice, parsley. Served with soft pita or corn chips. V, VG (GF with corn chips) $4

Cauliflower Steaks:  Cross section of cauliflower lightly fried and served with a saffron aioli. (V, GF)  $5

Spicy Fries: Fries tossed with Foxy spice mix. (V, GF) $5

Cheese Curds:  Local Ellsworth Farms white cheese curds tossed with dill and served with local honey. (GF, V) $5

Stuffed Grape Leaves: 6 grape leaves stuff with rice, served with cucumber mint yogurt. (GF, VG) $3.50

 Pickle Plate:  Assorted house made pickles. (GF, V, VG) $2



Cup $3.50 Bowl $4.50

Tomato Coconut Bisque (GF, VG)
Organic Chicken Garlic Bone Broth (GF)

Soup Of The Day


*Lunch Combo*

Monday-Friday 11-2

Any Falafel Entree + Cup of Soup $11


Organic Hummus & Baba Ganoush

To Go (8 oz) $4


Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Accepted

V: Vegetarian VG: Vegan GF: Gluten-Free

We source local, organic, sustainable ingredients as much as possible while keeping with the seasons.

We use organic, non-GMO chickpeas and make falafel mix and hummus in house.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Corn Free, and Soy Free options.

Falafels are scooped by hand and fried to order.

Wheat is on the premises so for those who are severely allergic please proceed with caution.

Fryer is exclusively vegetarian and gluten-free!

Gratuity is split among serving staff and kitchen staff.

Thank you!

Love Foxy!

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