Star Tribune Review:  By Rick Nelson

Star Tribune Photo Gallery

Mpls StPaul Magazine: Stephanie March

CityPages Review: Emily Weiss

Citypages Best Of 2012

The Mix: Joy Summers

Bite Of MN: Farewell To Farmers Markets

TC Foodies: Sunday Date With A Foxy Falafel

Simple, Good, and Tasty: Falafel Are Foxy, Fun, and Fabulous

Star Tribune:  Amazing review from Rick Nelson!  Getting saucy with falafel.

Well Fed Guide: Interview with foodie podcasters at Uptown Farmers Market.

Hot Dish:  Five Questions on City Pages Blog The Heavy Table article printed in the magazine!

Heavy Table: Lovely write up by Emily Nystrom.  She tells my story better than I can!  Super talented lady!

Garlic & Onion:

Cafe Cyan:

Metro Magazine:  Gonzo for Garbanzos w/ my recipe for falafel.

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