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@BiteSquad + Foxy Falafel = Falafel For Everyone!!!

6 Mar

Hey Everyone!
Foxy has teamed up with to provide
delivery for all our amazing Foxy Falafel Friends!

You can check out our menu and place an order here!




19 Dec

Did you know we compost here at Foxy Falafel!

Here’s a little video from Troje’s that Foxy Falafel participated in.

Brunch Review from Heavy Table

13 Nov

Thanks Heavy Table for being awesome and also the awesome review!

We Love Our Foxy Farmers Market Friends

28 Oct

Thanks everyone for all the love and support this year at the Kingfield, Linden Hills, and Centennial Lakes Farmers Markets!!!

We love and appreciate our foxy farmers market friends. So we are showing the love! Come into the restaurant and show this post/tweet within the next month and get a free extra falafel ball with your order!

XOXO Foxy!