Catering Menu

We no longer operate the food truck but our catering team is capable of facilitating a drop off or full service catering for your special event.

Small catering orders require a 48-hour notice and one to two weeks notice is required for large orders (25+ people) and events. 20% operating fee added to all catering orders.

Notice of changes or cancellations must be received 48 hours before your event.

We can provide napkins, plates, utensils, serving utensils, and place cards for your event at no extra charge. Chafing racks and sternos are available for an extra charge.

Note: We recommend 5-6 falafel balls per person for entrees and 3-4 falafel balls for snacking.


We offer delivery through a 3rd party delivery service for all our drop off catering orders.
Delivery fees vary depending on distance.

$200 minimum order required for delivery.

Build Your Own Sandwich Packages

Feeds 20-100 People
Includes pita bread (corn chips for gluten free), hummus, seasoned cabbage, cucumber, tomato, green tahini sauce, cucumber mint yogurt sauce, and preserved lemon rice pilaf.
Quantities are curated by catering team.

Foxy Falafel [GF/V/VG]
Traditional falafel

Chicken Shawarma [GF]
Roasted chicken pulled and tossed with Foxy Shawarma Spice Mix. Served with grilled onions and peppers.

A la carte Falafel Platters

Full Platter (60 Balls) $50 / Half Platter (30 Balls) $25

Foxy Falafel [GF/V/VG]
Traditional falafel

Curry Falafel [GF/V/VG]
Indian Spices

Beet Falafel [GF/V/VG]
Mixed with beets

Stoplight Falafel [GF/V/VG]
Twenty falafel balls of each flavor (full platter)

A la carte Meat Platters

Full Platter (10 Portions) $60 / Half Platter (5 Portions) $30

Chicken Shawarma [GF]
Roasted chicken pulled and tossed with Foxy Shawarma Spice Mix. Served with grilled onions and peppers.

Beef Kofta [GF]
Local Peterson Farms Grass-fed ground beef mixed with Middle Eastern spices/herbs and grilled.

Salad & Dips

Greek Salad [GF/V/VG w/ cheese on side]
Organic mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, feta, kalamata olives, and housemade red wine vinaigrette.
$35/20 Servings

Foxy Dips [V/VG/GF w/ corn chips]
Hummus and Baba Ganoush with your choice of pita bread triangles or corn chips.
$18/10-15 Servings

A la carte Sides

Seasoned Cabbage [GF/V/VG]
$4/16oz  $8/32oz

Cucumbers [GF/V/VG]
$4/16oz  $8/32oz

Tomatoes [GF/V/VG]
$4/16oz  $8/32oz

Pickle Platter [GF/V/VG]
$12/10 Servings

Pita Bread [V/VG]
$12/10 Pieces

Organic Corn Chips [GF/V/VG]

Hummus [GF/V/VG]
$4.50/8oz  $9/16oz  $18/32oz

Baba Ganoush [GF/V/VG]
$4.50/8oz  $9/16oz  $18/32oz

Marinated Beets [GF/V/VG]
$8/16oz  $16/32oz

Cauliflower Steaks [GF/V/VG w/o aioli]
$40/10 Servings

Preserved Lemon Rice Pilaf [GF/V/VG]
$13/10 Servings

Grape Leaves [GF/V/VG]
$10/12 Pieces

A la Carte Sauces

Cucumber Mint Yogurt [GF/V]
Traditional tzatziki
$4/8oz  $8/16oz  $16/32oz

Green Tahini [GF/V/VG]
Lemony & herby sesame paste
$4/8oz  $8/16oz  $16/32oz

Spicy Harissa [GF/V/VG]
Smoky, garlicky, medium spice
$8/8oz  $16/16oz

Saffron Aioli [GF/V]
Tangy mayo-based sauce
$4/8oz  $8/16oz


Chocolate Chip Cookies [GF/V/VG]

Brownies [GF/V/VG]

Foxy Meal Kits

Having a short notice event or hosting a small group? Our restaurant offers Meal Kits and Snack Packs that include many of Foxy Falafel’s staples and can be ready in as little as 30 minutes for you to pick up. Click here to check out our Meal Kits.


Contact to schedule a tasting for your wedding or event.