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@BiteSquad + Foxy Falafel = Falafel For Everyone!!!

6 Mar

Hey Everyone!
Foxy has teamed up with BiteSquad.com to provide
delivery for all our amazing Foxy Falafel Friends!

You can check out our menu and place an order here!



Brunch Review from Heavy Table

13 Nov

Thanks Heavy Table for being awesome and also the awesome review!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust. No Joke. It’s SO good.

20 Feb

Hey!  Did you hear Pizzaria Lola has gluten free pizza crusts?  I’m so excited because, yes, I’ve been to Pizzaria Lola with a group of friends to only eat the roasted cauliflower and meatza (just the toppings of the pizza) which is tasty, but just doesn’t count in my book as a satisfying meal out.  I’ll be eating there soon and let you all know how it is.

So I saw this recipe on the Pins a.k.a. Pinterest from eat.drink.smile blog and thought it was worth giving it a shot as a lot of other gluten free/grain free pizza crusts pretty much suck.  I’ve tried it all.  Box pizza mixes.  Almond flour. Coconut flour.  Tapioca starch, which actually wasn’t so bad.

So here’s what I did.  I use a scale a lot in cooking finding that it allows a more precise measurement and can be increased and decreased easily.  I used a box grater to grate the cauliflower v.s. a food processor and also used a saute pan v.s. the microwave.   I just cooked it a bit longer on low heat because you want to get the moisture out.

400 grams of grated cauliflower (approx. 2 cups)
8g Garlic, minced (2 cloves)
2g Italian Seasoning (2 tsp)
5 oz grated Mozzarella Cheese
2 Eggs
1 tsp. salt

Mixing up the cauliflower, eggs, cheese, garlic, italian seasoning, and salt.

Mash the cauliflower mixture on a 9×13 sheet pan lined with parchment paper and brushed with olive oil.  I made mine bigger but think they would turn out more crisp and firm if done in two small rounds v.s. one big.  Bake according to the original recipe.

The finished product.  The crust is actually delicious and the texture is great.  Top it with whatever you desire. I did tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, spinach and mozzarella.


Foxy at Kitchen In The Market Sunday Dec. 4th

28 Nov

Last chance saloon. After this Foxy will be hibernating unless you call for some holiday catering.

Foxy will be vending at The Kitchen In Market Sunday, December 4th 11-2p.
Foxy Falafel $6
Beet Falafel $6
Curry Falafel $6
Raspberry Kombucha $3 ($.20/oz. to refill your container)
Hummus To Go $3

Catering Menus

4 Nov

Foxy can cater to all tastes and do a variety of menus.  Below is a few items that are on the catering menu.  Feel free to contact me to personalize a menu to fit your needs and event.

Foxy Falafels with all the fixin’s $6/person
*cukes and tomatoes
*pita bread
*variety pack of pickles
*3 signature sauces including cucumber mint yogurt, spicy harissa, and green tahini

Hummus and Veggie Platter $1.75/person (discount for larger parties) (gluten free)

Hummus $3 (8 oz.) $10 (32 oz.) (gluten free)

Pita Chips $4 (gallon size bag)

Roasted Eggplant Salad with Roasted Red Peppers, Red Wine Vinegar, and Dill $1.50/person (gluten free)

Quinoa Tabouli Salad $1.50/person (gluten free)

Israeli Salad (deliciously dressed cucumbers and tomatoes) $1.50/person (gluten free)

Greek Salad (feta, olives, tomatoes, cukes, red onion, red wine vinaigrette) $1.50/person (gluten free)

Barikas (bite size goat cheese, carmelized onion, dried apricot, and pistachios stuffed in puffed pastry) $1.25/person

Grilled Herby Chicken Skewers with Red Peppers and Onions $2.25/person (gluten free)


10 Sep

I have been frequenting Cake Eater Bakery since the opening back in April and Sheela and I have been talking about doing a conjoined falafel and cupcake event since I launched at the farmers markets at the end of May.  Finally, the three best things in the whole wide world have come together for a fantastic melding of food, vintage, and fun!  Now all I need is a tall glass of cold beer and I’d be set:)

Sheela and Emily’s little bakery in the Seward neighborhood is a little slice of heaven.  Every time I walk in there I get a big smile on my face and feel so happy…EVERYONE is happy there.  The cupcakes are slammin’ good and they are constantly coming up with new combos that always surprise me, but are consistently tasty and delicious.  On top of that she has Vegan and Gluten Free options, which are hard to come by unless you are going to the co-op.

I am so thrilled and excited to be doing a conjoined event with Sheela and Emily at Cake Eater along with Yeti Records.  It’s going to be a great time so be sure to come hungry!  Plus you get a discount on your vintage buys when you purchase a cupcake.  So awesome!

Cake Eater Bakery
2929 East 25th Street
Minneapolis, MN

Foxy will be serving falafels till 2pm so get there early people!